The most ridiculous aspect of the progressives' fear-mongering is that there is no Muslim military power on the face of the earth. Iran is a medieval theocracy controlled by a small group of old stupid men, who could not direct the technological effort of the scope required by modern military techniques if their rule depended on it, which rule may, in the long or short run, so depend.

The Iranians have never touched off a nuclear weapon, let alone a modern fusion device. The have not tested any of their missiles in a way that might lead anyone to believe they work, and work accurately, and of course, as noted, one of the tasks that is quite beyond the ability of the mullahs is guiding the development of a nuclear device warhead that could safely and usefully be put atop a missile. Custom fitting a fusion device into a package small enough to be used in a missile requires the mobilization of enormous scientific and engineering expertise, and Iran is nowhere near such an effort. They can make as much plutonium as they like, but it will not magically transmogrify into a weapon system.

(Added after a helpful exchange with a knowledgeable friend:)

...the Norks...have I believe nothing in the way of missiles or warheads we need fear. Recall how as children it was possible for us to coat a CO2 cartridge with Duco cement, set the glue on fire and then quickly place over it an empty large tomato juice can with one lid completely removed and the other intact. Run like hell. That's the NK missile system as far as I can see.