Back before the End Of The World as we knew it I would several times a week tune into Howie Carr's talk-radio show out of Boston. Then, due to the advent of THE BUG, I missed a coupla-few weeks but returned earlier this week. It was a chilling experience.

I had to ask myself, while listening, is this a man we want bandying thoughts about the nation's public heatlh policies to an audience of at least hundreds of thousands? Or, for that matter, do we want to hear Jake Tapper or Sean Hannity spouting off about it either? These men are, with regard to the natural sciences (and using the latest au courant nomenclature) "developmentally different." In short they are morons.

I doubt Howie Carr has ever held a slide rule or an abacus in his hands. Can it be in any sense a good thing that the public "discussion" of the open/close-the-economy question has calcified into the latest ultra-polarized political football, such that the SJW and virtue-signalers now comprise the core of our ink-stained wretches' cyber editions of the "news?" Casting the open/close question as a binary "throw the switch" choice invites huge misunderstandings for a large group of people who do not yet understand, say, time zones!

We are far from an understanding of the bug's biology that might suitably inform the public policy choices that now have so many bowels in uproarious states. Is it likely the bug might respond coherently, so to speak, to binary off/on throw-the-switch changes made by humans? Mother Nature has a way of chastening any hubris that might suppose so. She will look at our inane policy fumblings and think to Herself, "Oh really? Is that how you insane humans think I work? Really? Well hold on to your hats you silly bozos and WATCH THIS!" -- at which point an incomprehensible unfolding of a Catch-22 of beyond-epic proportions -- one we could never dream of -- disrobes in front of our oh-so-easily dazzled eyes.