After a hiatus due to my technical ineptitude this blog is up and running again.

It's a Monday. I have always detested Monday, since it was the day when the squares got to impose their toxic values on all of us. All that stuff about having to work for a living. Bah. All that stuff about having to play by the rules. Bah. All that stuff about having to be RESPONSIBLE and PRODUCTIVE. Double Bah. I never really was able to swallow any of that. I was an aesthete, and under that rubric I configured what I knew to be moral aspirations far beyond what was urged on the masses. For me, morality was a subset of aesthetics. The Good would be obvious once the Beautiful had been established. Anyone else, who, like me, consumed large amounts of opiates daily over a period of years, might have easily arrived at these conclusions. It's not rocket science kids. Just different.