Here are a couple of things worth sending out to your liberal um friends.

First up is Postcard From Pre-Totalitarian America.

a) If the phrase "Critical Theory" is unfamiliar to you then you have a good solid three months' (minimum) hard catch-up study awaiting you.

b) If the name "Herbert Marcuse" is also unfamiliar to you then see "a" above.

I have not "kept up" with this school of thought, but somewhere in this cluttered home is my first edition hardbound copy of Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man (1964), purchased in 1965 or '66. As an MIT undergrad supremely fortunate enough to sit in the classroom of the now-late and much lamented professor of history there Bruce Mazlish I was steered towards Marcuse's previous magnum opus Eros and Civiization (1955).

The philosophical foundations of modern Leftist political action is to be found in Critical Theory, especially as articulated by Marcuse. Now you know enough to read the article linked above.

Next up is Bernie Sanders is the front-runner because of how we raised our kids.

It is rare for an op-ed to become the dominant topic on the Providence morning drive-time AM talk radio program, but this one did. Checkitout.

Posted Tue Feb 25 08:18:48 2020