I just sent this out to my vast empire of devout followers:

From: Bob Bernstein bob@fanatick.org
Subject: Those wacky Iranians
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 12:09:34
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Thursday afternoon (1/9/2020), as speculation grew around the Ukrainian "plane crash," I emailed a friend who had confessed to feeling anxious about the possible fallout ("war") from the kill-shot made at Baghdad airport, taking out the Iranian "general:":

"Just heard a story is now out suggesting the Uke plane was shot down by Iran "by mistake."

"Their clones of Russian antiAA/antiMissile weapons?"

I knew I had read some time ago the Iranians claimed to have cloned the Russian S-300 air defense system, and even touted their clone as superior to the Russian original.

I've located a pertinent article. I am not familiar with the source, and since it is long I have not read the whole thing. But it contains the key point, typical of the inane boasting we first heard from Baghdad Bob:

"The Iranian designed and built Sayyad 3 missile for the Bavar-373 appears to be the same size and shape as the S-300 missile and carried in similar canisters. Iran insists that Bavar-373 is superior to the S-300. Now that Russia has delivered S-300s Iran will be under pressure have to reveal if it believes its own propaganda about which system is superior."


"Our noble republic, founded by free men with a cold-eyed appreciation of human weakness, has fallen to smiley-face happy talkers bleating sentimental cant...Idiots!"

John Derbyshire

Mark Levin has suggested, as an update of "Baghdad Bob," Tehran Nancy.