"...it has recently become popular to emphasize in critical writings [...] that "science" can refer only to the body of knowledge universally held by competent persons. But that there is something more to it, and that there is no getting away from the central position of the individual I believe anyone can see for himself merely by observing that the individual does not regard the following to be a senseless question: "Under what conditions would you draw the conclusion that everyone in the world except yourself had gone crazy?" It is possible to set up criteria for conditions under which this conclusion would be felt to be inevitable. Granted that every individual finds it desirable for his own purposes to concern himself only with what he observes other competent individuals agree on, nevertheless in the last resort every individual must be his own judge of what he shall accept to be satisfactory evidence of competence in another."

(emphasis added)

Percy Bridgman The Nature of Physical Theory (1936).